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Kuhovar Ltd. is a Ukraine-based company, manufacturing instant noodles under the brands "Golden Dragon" and "Kuhovar", instant mashed potatoes, soups and spices. The production is located in an eco-friendly recreational zone of Kharkiv region (Berezivske village). To make our products we use mineral water, organic sunflower oil, high-grade flour, along with other high-quality ingredients.

We're offering a wide range of products, that's why cooking with "Kuhovar" is really easy! Choosing "Kuhovar" you can always please your loved ones with delightful dishes without spending a lifetime on cooking!


Among the main advantages of instant noodles:

  • time saving,
  • affordable price,
  • easy to store,
  • easy to transport.
The first instant noodles appeared in China during the Sino-Japanese War. Dried noodles were part of the military rations in the Chinese army. At first, it was eaten dry, but with time people learned to fry noodles in refined oil. This was called "e-fu", the first mention of it dates back to the XVI century in China. Initially, instant noodles differed from the modern version not only in the method of preparation, but also in taste and visually. Chinese chefs served heavily fried noodles with broth.

To improve the taste of instant noodles, you can use any sauce: sour cream, soy, ketchup, even mayonnaise. It is also a good idea to add leftover fried vegetables. To improve the taste of instant noodles, you can add half less water than suggested on the package let it brew, then discard in a colander, and then fry until ready in a pan with oil, optionally pour in an egg or add some cheese.

Instant noodles can also be deliciously fried in fat broth stew, mixed with stew itself. This is a Japanese variation of pasta navy-style.

The yellow color of noodles comes from a natural color pigment carotene and turmeric, which are added to the flour for making noodles.

Carotene enriches the human body with vitamin A, which has the ability to make the skin smooth and pretty, and prevents the development of gemeralopia (chicken blindness).

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